What Is Speed Handicapper® Software?

What Is Speed Handicapper® Software?
Speed Handicapper® is a Registered US Trademark

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Speed Handicapper® V6 is a top-of-the-line, windows-based handicapping tool designed, programmed, and used by Charles Carroll, author of the widely acclaimed book, Handicapping Speed: The Thoroughbred And Quarter Horse Sprinters.

Carroll’s book changed the way we view speed in horse race handicapping, and Speed Handicapper®software represents the evolution of the newest approach to speed, first introduced in the book.

In Handicapping Speed, Carroll showed how speed theory could be put to work with a simple, pocket calculator, and it was used that way—very successfully—by thousands of handicappers for three decades. Some serious, “hands-on” handicappers still use it in exactly that way.

The original computer-based version of Speed Handicapper® was programmed in BASIC language on some of the earliest PCs (Commodores, VICs, and Apples!) and was first released in 1983. More advanced upgrades (v1.5, v2.1, etc.) also operated in a DOS environment, and worked through manual data input from the Daily Racing Form.

In 2006, Speed Handicapper® was certified as a US Trademark as applied to software, held by Charles Carroll, based on evidence of over 20 years of application—now over 30!

Speed Handicapper® Version 3.7 is the full evolution of this manual input series now including International racing distances in meters, Thoroughbred distances in furlongs, and American Quarter Horse distances in yards.

Speed Handicapper® Version 5.0 eliminated manual input and adds the vast amount of race data available from the online data suppliers (DRF, PTD, BRIS, and TrackMaster). It automatically displays all of the data and provides the handicapper with a powerful tool for organizing an approach to value betting using an aggressive odds line based on speed.

Speed Handicapper® Version 5.0 (it’s predecessor version 3.02) was rated a “strong 9” and “9+” in two separate reviews by Phillips Racing Newsletter!

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