Handicapping Speed: The Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Sprinters, by Charles Carroll (Digital download .pdf Version)

Handicapping Speed: The Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Sprinters, by Charles Carroll (Digital download .pdf Version)


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Handicapping Speed is now available in multiple digital formats.  The .pdf file format offered here is fine for viewing on laptops and PCs, but it is also available in Kindle version on Amazon.com for viewing on tablets and phones!  For the Amazon page click here.  If the link doesn’t work for any reason, please go to Amazon and search for “Handicapping Speed.”

The price for all digital versions is $9.95. The .pdf Version is available here for immediate download, to view and read in Adobe Reader® Searchable .pdf, 226 pages – or, use the link above to jump to the phone and tablet version on Amazon.

Handicapping Speed changed many basic ideas about horse racing, and it provides the background and theory for using Speed Handicapper® Software.

Handicapping Speed is a thoroughbred handicapping book, but it is the only book that covers Quarter Horse handicapping, both in its own right, and as a model for understanding the dynamics of Thoroughbred flying starts and early pace.

Reviews and commentary:

  • “One of the most thoughtful and literate books on horse racing.” — Andrew Beyer, originator of the Beyer Speed Figures, Beyer On Speed, p. 55.
  • “On a par with the works of Andy Beyer and James Quinn in its clarity and insight into the game.” Ian Blair, Editor of the American Turf Monthly
  • “Charles Carroll is a provocative speed handicapper and his book represents a major contribution to that rarefied art. The author urges handicappers to use his new methods in sprints and he gets no resistance from me. I also like his treatment of pace and the delightful fact that the book is so well written.” — James Quinn, author of Figure Handicapping and many other fine books on horse racing
  • “This book may change your mind about a number of ideas we horse players hold as gospel. I strongly recommend Handicapping Speed.” — Tom Brohamer, author of Modern Pace Handicapping
  • “Carroll offers some of the best discussions of top speed, parallel speed, computing speed…this is the sleeper of the year, a true overlay in handicapping works.” Howard Schwartz, Gamblers’ Book Club
  • “This is a work for those who read handicapping books for more than just a mechanical process for selecting winners.” Dr. Howard Sartin, originator of “The Sartin Methodology,” co-author of Pace Makes The Race
  • “Carroll’s ideas have been developed independently and are not a knock-off of someone else’s work.” Vince Doyal, American Turf Monthly