Using the Adjustment Options

Speed Handicapper® Version 6

Using the Adjustment Options

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When the Connections Tab is active:

The following Adjustment Menus are available:

Track Constants™

Past Performance Weight and Gate Adjustments

Your data supplier’s Variant

The Beyer Variant (Only with DRF Data)

Quarter Horse Wind Adjustment

When the Handicap Tab is active:

Only the Race Weight and Gate Adjustment is available.

The Race Wt/Gate Adjustment is applied only to the open race (not the whole card as with the other adjustments).

The Race Wt/Gate Adjustment can be useful for certain racing conditions—such as extra wide gates for the KY Derby. They are saved, so when you reopen the card from a saved file, your adjustments are in tact.

Both the PP Wt/Gate and Race Wt/Gate can be set to a range of gates not to be adjusted. For example, if you feel there is a slow rail in a 6-horse race (see above) set the range to 2 – 6 to adjust only Gate 1. You might use the same adjustment in a 12 horse race to hold gates 2 – 6 constant and adjust gates 1, and 7 – 12.

Both types of Wt/Gate Adjustments allow you to adjust by Weight alone, Gate alone, Both together, or none (turn off adjustments).

Quarter Horse Wind Adjustments

Carroll Quarter Horse Speed Figures are the best available anywhere. Period.

Carroll was the first to quantify QH wind data in the book “Handicapping Speed: The Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Sprinters.”

The Quarter Horse Wind Adjustment should be on whenever you’re handicapping QH races—however, there are differences in the data. Only BRIS and TrackMaster supply both wind direction and speed, among the data suppliers usable with Speed V6. See the page on Time and Wind Facts for more info.

Important to Know:

All Adjustments (except Race Wt/Gate) recalculate the Carroll Speed Figures in all tables and recalculate the entire Odds Line. (Which may take a number of seconds.)

Track Constants™ are recommended for most Thoroughbred handicapping. New with V6, you can turn them on and off and recalculate without losing your handicapping selections. For more on TCs,Click Here. – Use your browser Back button to return here.

Speed V6 Track Constants™ use a completely new basis for calculating the constants. 50% TCs may be the sweet spot for very fast distances such as SA 6.5f @ T. Experiment with the new TCs!

The Variant adjustment is not recommended. It was added at the request of handicappers who wanted to apply the DRF Variant back in the 90s (which Carroll discredited in the book Handicapping Speed), but some handicappers still use it in their own ways.


Important to Know:

The other adjustment is not for the figures, but the window color scheme. The drop-down menu showing “Glowing” above lets you select from seven color schemes, from very plain to fancy.

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