Overview and Introduction to Using Speed V6

Speed Handicapper® Version 6

Overview and Introduction to Using Speed V6

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Using the Connections Tab

With a race card open, select a race to handicap with the buttons on the left.

In the Connections tab you can scroll to review all horses’ breeding, trainer jockey stats, and much more.

Select a horse (top arrow) and its past performance stats and both Concise and Detailed PPS appear.

As you handicap, select the horses PP and Carroll Speed Figure to represent it in the Handicap Odds Line.

Connections and Past Performances


Important to Know:

When you install Speed V6 it creates a “SpeedHandicapperV6” folder in your Documents library—and installs the current Track Constant file in it.

When you import a card, it is processed and saved in the same folder, where it will reopen much faster than importing.

When you close a card, all of your work and settings, including adjustments for individual races,are saved to continue or review later!

Using the Works Tab

Carroll Speed Figures are applied to all of the reported workouts for the horses in each race.

They are now initially sorted by “Days Since WO” which is much more useful than previously by distance and speed—it doesn’t much matter if a horse ran a super bullet at 4f if it was 423 days ago! Now much easier to check for recency and frequency along with speed.



Important to Know:

All of the tables, Workouts, Past Performances, etc. can be sorted and resorted by clicking on the top column label.

Some columns such as “Time” are in formats that a computer cannot recognize for sorting, so use “Seconds” for time and “Feet” for distance.

To sort by two parameters, sort one column, hold down Shift and sort the next. For example, to sort Workouts by Distance and Speed, sort “Feet” then holding the Shift key, sort “Carroll.” Clicking a column again reverses the order.

The Handicap Tab


This image shows the layout of the Handicap Table. (In this case, not actually handicapped because you would not normally select such a variety of distances.)

Note the first “C” column is for contenders, which are horses that you have handicapped to have better than random probability of winning. Note the “Prob” column. In this case with 10 horses, random is 0.10 (see screen shot on the right).

Note Carroll Speed Figures are now displayed for the Second Call, Second Call to Finish, and Final Time. For more on this see the detailed information on Past Performances.

Also displayed in one table now are Conservative Odds, C$ – $1, Aggressive Odds, A$ – $1

50% Overlay, and 25% Overlay are based on Aggressive Odds

Important to know:

Random Odds are displayed for reference for each race.

Speed V6 Random Odds

When a race is first imported Speed V6 fills the Handicap Table with the most recent race of each horse. This is to ensure a mathematically valid Odds Table—it is not handicapping and each horse’s PPs are to be reviewed in your actual handicapping. When you close a race card, all of your selections, adjustments, and handicapping are saved. Just reopen from the saved file.

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