Daily Racing Form Formulator® File Management

Speed Handicapper® Version 6

Daily Racing Form Formulator® File Management

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Review Data Management Overview

DRF’s Online Formulator includes an “Export Center” for exporting race cards in a variety of formats.

The downloads are in zipped format that you then expand into the five data files used by the Speed Handicapper® program.

We recommend that you create a “DRF Data” folder (or whatever you chose to name it) in your “Documents” folder as the place to download and expand your DRF files.

The Formulator Export Center “Settings” button is located at the bottom of the Export Center window.

Use the export settings shown below:

  • Select Type : Legacy
  • Select Pre-4.1 Settings
  • Select Format : Multiple Files
  • DO NOT Check the “Headers” option
  • Do not select additional data options that come after “Past Performance Trainer Data” (Do select that one.)


Speed V6 DRF export settings

When the file is downloaded, on modern computers you can simply right-click on the file name and select “Extract All.” If your operating system doesn’t support that, you may need to download a stand alone tool such as “PKZip.”

The default unzipping is to create a folder by the same name as the file and put the unzipped file in it—which is fine (if you download the same track on the same day next year you will either have to rename the folder or overwrite the old one).

In Speed V6 select the DRF data type, then from the File menu, select “Import a race card.” In the file Open window, navigate to the DRF Data folder and select a race file to import. When you navigate to the DRF files you will see the unzipped files in the format: “WOX0516.cr” This is the file to open in Speed V6.

Speed V6 records the file path, so it will automatically open to that location the next time.

Importing the data involves a lot of processing, so it can take up to 30 seconds to load.

Speed V6 saves a copy of the processed data to your Documents\SpeedHandicapperV6 folder as soon as it is imported, and when you close a race card, with all of your work recorded for additional work or review.

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