BRIS and HDW File Management

Speed Handicapper® Version 6

BRIS and HDW File Management

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Review Data Management Overview

HDW is similar to BRIS file extraction.

BRIS provides free software called “PP Generator” to display their data. It has many features for sorting, filtering, etc., but it does not have an export function.

BRIS installs itself by default in an odd place (outside the Program Files folder) in “C:\BRISCust” [Which may explain why we’ve had reports that it will not run on 64-bit machines, where it should be in Program Files(x86).]

BRIS also uses the “C:\BRISCust” folder as its default file location. You could continue to use that and unzip their compressed data files there, but we do not recommend mixing data with program files (nor does Microsoft).

We suggest that you use the PTD model, and create your own “BRIS Data Files” folder in your Documents library. Then use that as the target folder for downloads, for the PP Generator, and Speed V6.

Speed V6 uses the BRIS “PP Data Files (single)” To find the correct files scroll down their long product list to “Software Data Files” and notice it is the first one listed, as in the image below.

Speed V6 BRIS download page

When you click on that, it opens a menu of tracks and dates to select from. Select the card(s) and download to the Documents\BRIS Data Files folder you made. Notice in the image below they are compressed .Zip files.

Speed V6 BRIS folders

On modern computers you can simply right-click on the file name and select “Extract All.” If your operating system doesn’t support that, you may need to download a stand alone tool such as “PKZip” or “WinZip.”

The default unzipping is to create a folder by the same name as the file and put the unzipped file in it—which is fine. (Note, though, the file name doesn’t include the year, so if you download the same track on the same day next year you will either have to rename the folder to add the year or overwrite the old one if you are done with it.) When you navigate to the BRIS files you will see the unzipped files in the format: “WOX0516.DRF” This is the file to open in Speed V6.

In Speed V6, select the BRIS (or HDW if you are using it) data type, then from the File menu, select “Import a race card.” In the file Open window, navigate to the folder where you exported the file(s). Select a race file to import.

Speed V6 records the file path, so it will automatically open to that location the next time.

Importing the data involves a lot of processing, so it can take up to 30 seconds to load.

Speed V6 saves a copy of the processed data to your Documents\SpeedHandicapperV6 folder as soon as it is imported, and when you close a race card, with all of your work recorded for additional work or review.

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