2016 Track Constants™ for Speed Handicapper® V6

Speed V6 Upgrade

2016 Track Constants™ for Speed Handicapper® V6


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Product Description

New format, new figures, easier installation!

Over 3,800 data points have been updated and reviewed, including all synthetic tracks in operation during 2015, and last year dozens of new data points are added, especially at longer distances of 1 mi 1/4 and above. These longer distances are always the most variable, but the larger sample size will help in comparing the Carroll Speed Figures.

Tracks added last year: GPW, BTP, BSR, OTP, HP, MVR, and SND.

Simpler installation in your documents library.

The Track Constants™ come as a self-extracting .exe file, that you simply unzip and copy to your Documents\SpeedHandicapperV6 folder.

See the user manual for complete instructions.

(Version 6 Track Constants™ are NOT compatible with Version 5.0.)

2016 Track Constants™ for V6 ONLY $39.95

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Best regards for a great year of handicapping!

Charles Carroll