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Speed Handicapper 4.0

Speed Handicapper®'s 31st Anniversary!
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Speed Handicapper® V5.0 with Track ConstantsTM
Our premier software for online data!

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Speed Handicapper® v3.7 International
A major update of the semi-automated programs, combining Versions 3.5 and 3.6 and adding 80+ Australian racing distances.

  • Proven Carroll Speed Figures for International Metric Distances, including all Australian distances from 400 to 2500 meters
  • Thoroughbred distances in furlongs.
  • American Quarter Horse distances in yards.
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Winning Over Any Polysurface eBook

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Handicapping Speed by Charles Carroll


Handicapping Speed
The Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Sprinters. The book that changed the way we view speed
in horse racing.

Charles Carroll


The Used Bookshelf
Back online with some rare classics and even some whacky oddities for your collection!



Winning Over Any Polysurface
Important new eBook

by Takach & Benitez

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Speed Handicapper® V5.0

Premier Software for online data!


Sire Ratings by Mike Helm

Money Secrets At the Race Track
An essential handbook for betting strategies.

Barry Meadow

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